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J. Zheng , L. Zheng , S. Yu , S. Yang , L. Liu , X. Sun, Y.-F. Chen, M.-H. Lu, and J. Christensen
“Focusing micromechanical polaritons in topologically nontrivial hyperbolic metasurfaces”
Accepted to Advanced Materials (2024).

H.-X. Li, J.-J. Liu, Z.-X. Chen, K. Wu, B. Liang, J.-C. Cheng, and J. Christensen
“Superwavelength Self-Healing of Spoof Surface Sonic Airy-Talbot Waves”
Nature Communications 14, 7633 (2023). [pdf]

B. Hu, Z. Zhang, Z. Yue, D. Liao, Y. Liu, H. Zhang, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Anti-parity-time symmetry in a Su-Schrieffer-Heeger sonic lattice”
Physical Review Letters 131, 066601 (2023). [pdf]
Editors’ suggestion, Cover story [👌]

X. Zhang, F. Zangeneh-Nejad, Z.-G. Chen, M.-H. Lu, and J. Christensen
“A Second Wave of Topological Phenomena in Photonics and Acoustics”
Nature 618, 687 (2023). [pdf]

R. Pernas, L. Zheng, Z. Zhang, P. Gao, X. Liu, C. Ying, and Johan Christensen
“Theory of non-Hermitian topological whispering gallery”
NPJ Computational Materials 8, 241 (2022). [pdf]

Z. Zhang, P. Gao, W. Liu, Z. Yue, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Structured sonic tube with carbon nanotube-like topological edge states”
Nature Communications 13, 5096 (2022). [pdf]

Y. Jia, Y. Liu, B. Hu, W. Xiong, Y. Bai, Y. Cheng, D. Wu, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Orbital angular momentum multiplexing in space-time thermoacoustic metasurfaces”
Advanced Materials 34, 2202026 (2022). [pdf]
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J. Liu, Z. Li, Y. Ding, A. Chen, B. Liang, J. Yang, J.-C. Cheng, and J. Christensen
“Twisting linear to orbital angular momentum in an ultrasonic motor”
Advanced Materials 34, 2201575 (2022). [pdf]
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L. Zheng and J. Christensen
“Dirac hierarchy in acoustic topological insulators”
Physical Review Letters 127, 156401 (2021). [pdf]

B. Hu, Z. Zhang, H. Zhang, L. Zheng, W. Xiong, Z. Yue, X. Wang, J. Xu, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Non-Hermitian topological whispering gallery”
Nature 597, 655 (2021). [pdf]

C. Liu, W. Zhao, J. Shi, X. Zhou, C. Ma, R. Peng, M. Wang, Z. H. Hang, J. Christensen, N. X. Fang, and Y. Lai
“A three-dimensional soundproof acoustic metacage”
Physical Review Letters 127, 084301 (2021). [pdf]
Editors’ suggestion.

J. Zhang, W. Rui, C. Ma, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Remote Whispering Metamaterial: Non-radiative transceiving of ultra-weak sound”
Nature Communications 12, 3670 (2021). [pdf]

P. Gao and J. Christensen
“Topological vortices for sound and light”
Nature Nanotechnology 16, 487 (2021). [pdf]

L. Zheng, X. Zhang, M.-H. Lu, Y.-F. Chen, and J. Christensen
“Knitting topological bands in artificial sonic semimetals”
Materials Today Physics 16, 100299 (2021). [pdf]

M. Rosendo-Lopez, F. Peñaranda, J. Christensen, and P. San-Jose
“Flat bands in magic-angle vibrating plates”
Physical Review Letters 125, 214301 (2020). [pdf]

P. Gao, M. Willatzen, and J. Christensen
“Anomalous topological edge states in non-Hermitian piezophononic media”
Physical Review Letters 125, 206402 (2020). [pdf]

M. Willatzen, P. Gao, J. Christensen, and Z. L. Wang
“Acoustic gain in solids due to piezoelectricity, flexoelectricity, and electrostriction”
Advanced Functional Materials 30, 2003503 (2020). [pdf]

Z. Zhang, B. Hu, F. Liu, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Pseudospin induced topological corner state at intersecting sonic lattices”
Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 101, 220102 (2020). [pdf]

P. Gao, Z. Zhang, and J. Christensen
“Sonic valley-Chern insulators”
Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 101, 020301 (2020). [pdf]

A. Merkel and J. Christensen
“Ultrasonic nodal chains in topological granular metamaterials”
Communications Physics 2, 154 (2019). [pdf]

P. Gao, D. Torrent, F. Cervera, P. San-Jose, J. Sanchez-Dehesa, and J. Christensen
“Majorana-like zero modes in KekulĂ© distorted sonic lattices”
Physical Review Letters 123, 196601 (2019). [pdf]
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C.-W. Chen, N. Lera, R. Chaunsali, D. Torrent, J. V. Alvarez, J. Yang, P. San-Jose, and J. Christensen
“Mechanical analogue of a Majorana bound state”
Advanced Materials 31, 1904386 (2019). [pdf]

M. Rosendo-Lopez, Z. Zhang, D. Torrent, and J. Christensen
“Multiple scattering theory of non-Hermitian sonic second-order topological insulators”
Communications Physics 2, 132 (2019). [pdf]

Z. Zhang, H. Long, C. Liu, C. Shao, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Deep-subwavelength holey acoustic second-order topological insualators”
Advanced Materials 31, 1904682 (2019). [pdf]
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Z. Zhang, M. Rosendo Lopez, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Non-Hermitian sonic second-order topological insulator”
Physical Review Letters 122, 195501 (2019). [pdf]

X. Zhang, M. Xiao, Y. Cheng, M.-H. Lu, and J. Christensen
“Topological Sound”
Communications Physics 1, 97 (2018). [pdf]

A. Merkel, V. Romero-Garcia, J.-P. Groby, J. Li, and J. Christensen
“Unidirectional zero sonic reflection in passive PT-symmetric Willis media”
Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 98, 201102 (2018). [pdf]

Z. Zhang, Y. Tian, Y. Wang, S. Gao, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Directional acoustic antennas based on valley-Hall topological insulators”
Advanced Materials 30, 1803229 (2018). [pdf]

M. Wang, L. Ye, J. Christensen, and Z. Liu
“Valley Physics in non-Hermitian artificial Acoustic Boron Nitride”
Physical Review Letters 120, 246601 (2018). [pdf]

Z. Zhang, Y. Tian, Y. Cheng, X. Liu, and J. Christensen
“Experimental verification of acoustic pseudospin multipoles in a symmetry-broken snowflakelike topological insulator”
Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 96, 241306 (2017). [pdf]
A figure of this article has been chosen as a PRB Kaleidoscope [image].

K. Bertoldi, V. Vitelli, J. Christensen, and M. van Hecke
“Flexible mechanical metamaterials”
Nature Reviews Materials 2, 17066 (2017). [pdf]
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G. Ma, C. Fu, G. Wang, P. del Hougne, J. Christensen, Y. Lai and P. Sheng
“Polarization Bandgaps and Fluid-like Elasticity in Fully Solid Elastic Metamaterials”
Nature Communications 7, 13536 (2016). [pdf]

J. Christensen. M. Willatzen. V. R. Velasco and M.-H. Lu
“Parity-time synthetic phononic media”
Physical Review Letters 116, 207601 (2016). [pdf]

S. A. Cummer, J. Christensen and A. Alu
“Controlling sound with acoustic metamaterials”
Nature Reviews Materials 1, 16001 (2016). [pdf]
Selected by the editor to be free during the APS March Meeting 2018.

V.M. Garcia-Chocano, J. Christensen and J. SĂĄnchez-Dehesa
“Negative refraction and energy funneling by hyperbolic materials: An experimental demonstration in acoustics”
Physical Review Letters 112, 144301 (2014). [pdf]

M. Willatzen, and J. Christensen
“Acoustic gain in piezoelectric semiconductors at ɛ-near-zero response”
Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 89, 041201 (2014). [pdf]

J. Christensen, Z. Liang, and M. Willatzen
“Metadevices for the confinement of sound and broadband double-negativity behavior”
Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 88, 100301 (2013). [pdf]
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J. Christensen and F. J. Garcia de Abajo
“Anisotropic metamaterials for full control of acoustic waves”
Physical Review Letters 108, 124301 (2012). [pdf]

J. Zhu*, J. Christensen*, J. Jung, L. Martin-Moreno, X. Yin, L. Fok, F. J. Garcia-Vidal and Xiang Zhang
“A Holey structured metamaterial for acoustic deep subwavelength imaging”
Nature Physics 7, 52 (2011). [pdf] *These authors contributed equally.

J. Christensen and F. J. Garcia de Abajo
“Slow plasmonic slab waveguide as a superlens for visible light”
Physical Review B (Rapid Communication) 82, 161103 (2010). [pdf]

J. Christensen, Martin-Moreno and F. J. Garcia-Vidal,
“Theory of resonant acoustic transmission through subwavelength apertures”
Physical Review Letters 101, 014301 (2008). [pdf]

J. Christensen, A.I. Fernandez-Dominguez, F. de Leon-Perez, L. Martin-Moreno and F. J. Garcia-Vidal
“Collimation of sound assisted by acoustic surface waves”
Nature Physics 3, 851 (2007). [pdf]
Among the research highlights in Nature 450, 4 (2007). [pdf]